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The UKNI marking is a new conformity marking for products placed on the market in Northern Ireland since 1st January 2021. This marking must be used on products alongside the CE marking if they have undergone mandatory third-party conformity assessment by a UK-based body.

If a UK notified body is used, the UKNI marking must be applied in addition to CE marking (CE+UKNI). If an EU notified body is used, the CE marking alone is all that is necessary. If the product is intended to be placed on both the Northern Ireland and EU markets, the CE marking and an EU notified body must be used, as the UKNI marking and conformity assessment by UK notified bodies are not valid in the EU

The valid markings for placing goods on the Northern Ireland market are the CE marking or the CE+UKNI markings. The UKCA marking can appear alongside these two markings if the goods are planned to be sold on the Great Britain and Northern Ireland markets and both sets of relevant rules have been met.

It is important that where the CE+UKNI markings are used, they must appear clearly beside each other.